Our SnAP Technology

SnAP (Site-specific novel Antibody Platform) technology is a powerful, yet broadly versatile, technology platform that transforms antibodies into a LEGO-like system … allowing for a broad range of payloads (T cells, proteins, toxins, radio isotopes and much more) to be easily "snapped" on or off of an antibody, with unparalleled predictability, precision and control. 
A "LEGO-like" conjugation system 

Binding pocket grafted into Fab​​

  • Created through a handful of natural amino acid substitutions in the Fab of the antibody

  • No negative effect on Ag binding

Meditope peptides

  • Peptides (green) 'snap’ into pocket with specificity

  • Non-covalent and covalent variants

Myriad of payloads

  • Expanded universe of potential payloads, conjugated with ease

  • Multiple, different payloads loaded onto a single meditope peptide

Endless possible combinations ...

Cytokine Fusions

MDT101: MeKine


MD201: MeCAR




And more!