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Next Gen Oncology Products

Using our broadly versatile SnAP technology both of our programs combine clinically validated pieces in a unique way to create a ‘whole greater than the sum of its parts’ … for truly targeted delivery of potent proven payloads resulting in tumor killing function. 
MDT-01 "MeARC"

Meditope-enabled Antibody Radioisotope Conjugate combines the power of radiation therapy directed via the high tumor specificity of antibodies:

  • First-in-class antibody directed radiopharma drug for multiple myeloma

  • Shortwave radioisotope conjugated with SnAP Technology


Resulting in:
  • Potential for treatment of patients with treatment resistant and/or reoccurrences including immune exhausted cases

  • Potent shortwave isotope delivered directly to cancer cells lowering off target toxicity

  • Optional conjugation prior to administration may reduce toxin decay adding to drug potency

MDT-02 "MeKine"

The proven power of cytokines combined with high tumor specificity of antibodies:

  • "Masked"/deactivated cytokine (IL-2)

  • Fused to antibody via protease cleavable linkers


Resulting in:
  • Potent and specific tumor cell killing

  • Validated tumor-associated antigen target provides further selectivity

  • Improved therapeutic window

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